Player of the Week: September 27, 2021

Each week of the spring and fall seasons, one player who was originally reported as a recruit by AVSR Global is named Player of the Week for an exceptional performance.

Fall Week #2: Samira Lawson Body

Middle Tennessee State University.

Conference USA.

NCAA Division I.

Junior. 5'10" Outside Hitter.

Reported by AVSR Global to coaches in 2017.

Home: Grossrosseln, Germany.

See Lawson Body’s bio at the MTSU website.

Last Week:

• Lawson Body powered Middle Tennessee to two wins and the top of Conference USA in the opening week of league competition.
• MTSU defeated Charlotte in back-to-back matches. The 2-0 record is the Blue Raiders’ best start in Conference USA since joining in 2013.
• Lawson Body is MTSU’s top hitter and point-scorer this year. Against Charlotte she total
ed 31 kills and 32 digs, hitting at .321 efficiency.
• In beach volleyball Lawson Body was a member of Germany’s national team program. She trained year-round as a junior beach player.
• As an academic standout Lawson Body has won Conference USA elite honors. She is a biology major preparing for a medical career.
• Samira’s father, Charles Lawson Body, played professional volleyball in Europe and Africa. He was a middle blocker and outside hitter.

Excerpt from 2017 AVSR Global report:

“Samira is swift, clean and complete. She plays a smart, organized game. … Dynamic hitter with a lively arm and sharp vision for creating shots. … Ready to be a six-rotation LH/RH in upper/mid-Division I.”