About AVSR Global

Will I pay any money to AVSR Global?

No. You’ll pay nothing to be reported by AVSR Global. Universities and colleges pay for the service. They’re looking for talented players, and they subscribe to AVSR Global for news about high-quality recruits.

Who will choose my school and team?

It’s all your choice. When AVSR Global publishes news about you, coaches will contact you. You’re free to learn about the schools and teams. You can choose where you’ll be happy and successful as a player and student.

My English skills aren’t good. Is the USA possible for me?

Yes. Some universities and colleges have special study programs to help international students. “English as a Second Language” programs might be perfect for you.

May I visit universities before I choose one?

Yes … and universities may pay for your travel. You can visit the schools, meet the teams, and see how everything feels to you. The schools can pay for your airline flights and two days of housing and meals. Ask each coach about the possibility of visiting.

What about beach volleyball? Are scholarships available?

Most volleyball scholarships are for indoor players. Some universities have beach teams, so it’s possible to play beach and indoor volleyball. But only a few scholarships are available to beach-only players.

Do I need an agent or manager?

No. American coaches will recruit you directly. You can talk with them as you wish. AVSR Global will create opportunities for you, and you can choose your favorite. You’ll decide what school and team are best for you.

What about my expenses in the USA?

For most student-athletes, the biggest cost is airline travel between home and the USA (see Housing, Food and Travel). Your school and team will pay for the other big expenses. For details, see Playing & Studying in the USA.

Will I need to pass exams to qualify for a scholarship?

Probably yes. The exam rules depend on who you are and what choices you want to have. For details, see Required Exams.

Will it be easy to get a scholarship?

No, it won’t be easy. You’ll need to learn about schools and teams. One or two exams might be necessary. You’ll need to get English translations of your school documents. But don’t worry. If you do the work, you’ll succeed.