Housing, Food and Travel

Housing and Food

Your university or college will pay for your housing and food.  Student-athletes live with other students in apartments, houses, or dormitories at the school or very near it.  Many volleyball players share rooms or apartments with their teammates.

Most student-athletes have comfortable living conditions.  At most schools, they have more privileges and luxuries than other students have.  Of course, the quality of housing and food depends on each school.

Travel Costs

Your university will pay all your travel expenses with your team.  However, your biggest expense as a student-athlete will be airline travel between your home and the USA.  Most universities and colleges will pay for your flights only when you visit the school before you accept a scholarship.  After you become a student-athlete, you must pay for travel between your home and school.

Exception:  Some junior colleges will pay for your airline tickets to and from the USA when you are a student.  Before you decide what school you will attend, ask the coaches about their airline ticket policies!

Most volleyball players from other nations fly to the USA in August and return to their homes in May.  Many players also return to their homes during the winter holiday in December and January.  At most schools, housing and food are available to you if you stay during summer or winter holidays.