Player of the Week: March 13, 2017

Each week of the spring and fall seasons, one player who was originally reported as a recruit by AVSR Global is named Player of the Week for an exceptional performance.

Spring Week #2: Jolanta Kelner

Texas A&M University, Southeastern Conference, NCAA Division I.
Reported to coaches in 2006. Graduated in 2010.
Home:  Bielsko-Biala, Poland.
Current Team: SCU Emlichheim (Germany).
5'11" Setter.
See Jola Kelner’s bio at the Bundesliga website.

Last Week:

• Kelner won back-to-back MVP awards in Germany’s Bundesliga North.
• She was named Emlichheim’s top player in a win over Stralsund 3-0 and a loss to Gladbeck 3-1. Emlichheim is in ninth place of the 13-team league.
• Kelner is in her seventh year as a European professional since graduating from Texas A&M. This is her fifth year as Emlichheim’s starting setter.
• Kelner competed as a junior player for Poland’s BKS Bielsko-Biała before her four years at Texas A&M.

Excerpt from 2006 AVSR Global report:

“Expert setter ready to direct a top-30 Division I team. … Distributes the ball calmly and intelligently in a fast, sophisticated offense. … She’s a poised court leader and a strong, mobile athlete.”