Ratings Guide

Recruiting Levels

Most AVSR Global recruits are veteran, six-rotation players ready to thrive in NCAA mid-Division I or higher. Some can succeed for top-25 teams. Most are suited for mid-level programs. Many have been standouts for junior college and NAIA teams.

Scouting Report Accuracy

Above all, AVSR Global is accurate. Critical, in-depth reports are the rule. Ratings are realistic. AVSR Global’s job is to serve coaches, not athletes. Comprehensive scouting reports feature precise, unbiased details, always based on in-person scouting.

Ratings Format

A two-part rating sums up each recruit at a glance. A number and letter identify the athlete’s future and current levels of play. Most recruits are rated at the 2A or 3A level, ready to win in mid-Division I.

Collegiate Rating: Projected Level of Play

Level 1:Can play for a top-30 NCAA Division I team.
Level 2:Can play in the top quarter of Division I.
Level 3:Can play in upper/mid-Division I.
Level 4:Can play in lower/mid-Division I.

Current Level of Skills and Court Sophistication

Level A:Elite player. Expert skills and game mastery.
Level B:Accomplished player. Advanced skills and experience.
Level C:Developing player. Moderate skills and experience.

Record of Performance

Through the years, AVSR Global recruits have competed in 41 conferences in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. To see who’s playing now on American teams, and to see the history of AVSR Global recruits, click here.