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Bill Feldman

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collegiate women’s volleyball coaches.

Bill Feldman was a normal kid, more or less, and he was crazy about sports. But he had a problem. “Bill needs to learn to mind his own business,” his first-grade teacher wrote on his report card. Instead, Bill grew up to be a journalist, minding the business of sports.

A few decades later, Bill has built a unique career in finding and reporting on collegiate volleyball recruits. He has set the sport’s highest standard as an authority on the link between junior players and American collegiate teams.

As a reporter Bill covered volleyball in the 1980s for the Chicago Sun-Times, USA Today, and the original Volleyball Magazine. Since then, his precision and integrity as a talent scout have earned the trust of coaches at all levels.

Before scouting globally, Bill focused on junior volleyball in the USA. His national rankings and All-America teams were the most respected of their kind, and his annual recruiting projections proved to be remarkably accurate year after year.

Chicago was Bill’s original home court. He created Volleyball Chicago Magazine, built it into Midwest Volleyball, then became founding editor of American Volleyball for the American Volleyball Coaches Association.

A master’s degree in education and bachelor’s degree in English add depth to Bill’s reporting skills and scouting insights. His dedication and experience provide coaches with news and analysis they can find nowhere else.


“Critical, in-person scouting is the key. Coaches at all levels need precise, unbiased news about athletes they can successfully recruit. I’m proud to publish the highest-quality scouting news available to American coaches.”

Bill Feldman


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